Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend stuff

Here’s a nice little bulleted list of the highs and lows of my weekend, because constructing non run-on sentences and organizing them into paragraphs is not something I’m feeling up to today:

-I tried to surprise Dan with yummy root beer floats after work on Friday, (I spent much of my day off mulling over something sweet to do for him), but then was off running around with my mom and brother when he got home. So when I called and told him I would be home soon, he had already rifled through the refrigerator and freezer and found all of the treats I had bought.

-My mom showed her knack for jinxing us and our puppy’s bladder, AGAIN, when she asked us how Bella was doing with her potty-training. We told her that she had been accident-free for about three weeks, so it was going very well! Sure enough, later that night during my rush to get out of the house I had another unfortunate run-in with a puddle of you-know-what on the kitchen floor. This time I was wearing shoes, which you’d think would be a good thing, but it just meant that I was more prone to slippage on said pee. I managed to catch myself from falling butt-first into the puddle, but I didn’t manage to do it without twisting my ankle and shouting some very unladylike things at the poor dog and the universe as a whole. Yes, I most definitely did call my mom and told her that the subject was officially banned from any of our conversations in the future.

-Went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Liz and Betsy on Friday night. It was quite lovely, just what I was in the mood for, an entertaining adolescent-geared chick flick! It comes from me highly recommended, and I’ve since added Greece to my ever-expanding list of places I need to travel to in my lifetime. Absolutely. Gorgeous.

-Went for drinks after the movie and had a very nice, long-overdue chat with the girls about starting our own little book club, fixing up our homes, bad summer television like “Dancing with the Stars”, and our plans for a tropical vacation next summer with the whole group.

-Found out on Saturday that one of the softball wives is pregnant, which shouldn’t have been surprising since we had known for a while that they were trying, but I find myself incredibly weirded out by the whole situation. Dan and I continue to talk about having babies in the “soon, but not very soon” timeframe. We’ll probably have to define that phrase a little clearer at some point, but for now I find it comforting to just talk about it in a vague, “when we have kids someday” way. However, Kate’s pregnancy kind of reminds me that we can’t stay vague about it forever.

-Through some circumstances which I will not go into because it’s a long, uninteresting story which, upon telling, I get pretty annoyed and worked up about, I ended up spending the majority of my day and evening Saturday and Sunday morning alone at home, with nothing to do and no one to talk to.

-Even though I was pissed and mopey all day, it wasn’t a complete bust. I watched an ABC family movie, (and we all know I love those), I gave myself a pedicure, I ordered Vanity Fair from On Demand since I know Dan will never agree to rent it with me, I did some scrafting (a term circa Winona, MN, 1999 defined as: to scrapbook, or the hobby of creating compilations in scrapbook albums, such as keepsakes, pictures, periodical articles, etc.), I ate my left-over Chinese from Dinner with Angela a few nights before and finished off a package of croutons sitting in our cupboard, I watched the majority of Before Sunrise, one of my favorite movies of all time and was reminded how badly I want to see Before Sunset, and I did some light cleaning here and there throughout the house.

-On Saturday night, my lovely mom, my saving grace, called me and told me she was going to try to get off work early, and suggested we go to a late movie. My first thought was, “Wow, if we go to a movie tonight, I will have watched 5 movies (including the ABC family movie) in the span of just a little over 24 hours, I am officially the laziest loser on the planet.” But I pushed that thought out of my mind because a real live person wanted to hang out with me, and that definitely beat going back to moping for the rest of the night. We saw “The Upside of Anger” at the $2 cheap theatre. I LOVED it.

-I broke the rules and let Bella sleep with me on the bed Saturday night, because I am truly a freak, and was terrified when I came home all alone after midnight to our scary, quiet, dark, creaky house.

-My Girl was on TV on Sunday morning when I was doing my hair and getting ready for the day. I love that movie, but I had to turn it off right before the sad part when Thomas J. dies because I just can’t handle it, and I wasn’t in the mood for a sob-fest.

-On Sunday I tried to break the mope by getting out of the house, so on invite, Bella and I walked to my parents’ house for breakfast at 9:30. I couldn’t shake my bad mood, however, and was all broody and grumpy to my very sweet family. After breakfast, instead of walking directly home, Bella and I kept going, and went for a really nice walk around the lake by our house, it was such a gorgeous day, and at that point I could feel my annoyance with being left alone all day Saturday and Sunday morning lift. The mope was officially gone. I went home and did some yoga and an abs and arms work-out, and did some more scrafting, and when Dan came home around 1:30, I felt great, and I welcomed him home with a smile and a hug, and didn’t even feel compelled to whine and make him feel guilty about the whole mess, which is what I normally would do. (Oh, FYI, it wasn’t anything Dan did, it involved a bunch of our friends and a certain sister-in-law specifically, but I am known to take out my frustrations on him.)

-I talked to my brother on the phone who is traveling with friends in Europe right now, and it was so great to hear from him. I can’t wait until he comes home, and I am outrageously jealous of the fantastic adventure he is on. However, I can’t say I envy the experiences he’s had while in Spain the last few days! Over the last week he has cut up his foot and had to spend some time in a Barcelona hospital getting 10 stitches, his credit card’s have all had a hold put on them on account of suspicious activity (who says using a credit card in Amsterdam, London, and Ireland in the same week is suspicious?), and he had a run-in with some crazy hoteliers during which two of his friends were kicked out at 11:30PM and ended up wandering the streets of a small Spanish town until morning.

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