Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Comfort Foods

Does anyone else, on the brink of the fall and winter seasons, find themselves craving, almost to the point of obsession, the warm embraces of carb-laden comfort foods? I swear it’s got to be human instinct, because the minute cold weather starts to present itself, I am tempted to stuff my face with as much pasta, pancakes, creamy soup, pizza, and big meaty hot sandwiches I can get my hands on. With the end of summer it’s “so long!” to the light salads, delicious fruits, and bagel sandwiches that have been my staple for more than three months. No way, I want steamy chili, melted cheese, and hot breakfasts drenched in syrup! Bring on the starch! I’m talking baked potatoes, garlic toast, lasagna, and warm apple pie… mmm I want pie.

See what I mean?! Please tell me I’m not the only one battling the indulgence demons currently doing a number on my state of mind.

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