Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Raking in the dough

I got a promotion (and with it a monstrous raise that was so extremely unexpected and generous)!

I don’t like to talk about work much here, as it seems to be a very dangerous blogging subject, but I am just so happy that I had to share! I was having such a yucky day too, so it was absolutely the most perfect day for this to happen. While the money is fabulous, I think I am even more proud to know that my hard work around here is really appreciated, and that I am so valuable to them that they are taking steps to make sure I stick around.

I love my boss, I love my job, I love my new office with walls and doors and a phone with caller ID, life is indeed good!

*Beaming from ear to ear, unable to sit still, swirling around in my ergonomically correct office chair like a little girl.*

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