Thursday, September 08, 2005

Don't you wanna?

I think I am totally starting to get the baby bug, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to force those sweet cuddly baby thoughts out of my head. It’s quite eerie I tell you, everything in my life is all baby baby baby, all the time baby. First there was the baby shower I threw a few weeks ago, which involved days of preparation, shopping for baby gifts, mooning over cute little onesies and tiny booties and cribs and blankets and diaper bags, I could go on and on. Then there’s the fact that everyone and their mother is pregnant, including my sister-in-law, our friend Kate, my cousin, several bloggers, and of course Britney. I’ve been faithfully reading this lovely lady’s blog for sometime now, and I find myself in tears almost daily reading her beautiful and enchanting accounts of pregnancy and new motherhood. I just devoured Jennifer Weiner’s latest book, Little Earthquakes, about four women and their journeys through pregnancy, childbirth, and their first year of sleepless nights, emotional breakdowns, and falling hopelessly in love with their little babies. Yesterday (I’ll warn you, this is a little sick) I found myself perusing pregnancy articles for about an hour at work, reading all about the perils of caffeine, aspartame, and shellfish to an unborn child. Today I got an email from my best friend Lisa in Costa Rica announcing the birth of her roommate’s (who Dan and I met a month ago on our trip) gorgeous little boy.

Oh yea, and
this chick has got me checking out cute maternity clothes and has me starting to think about what’s in my closet that I will be able to wear when the time comes that I am pregnant.

This baby obsession has completely passed the point of ridiculous and gone right on to insane.

Don’t get all excited, I am definitely not pregnant, and not planning on getting pregnant any time in the near future. But, maybe it’s time to start thinking about thinking about trying for a little one. ;)

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