Thursday, September 15, 2005

Finding Motivation

I’ve signed my mom and I up for a fitness class through our city’s community ed program called “Bellies, Buns, and Conditioning”. It sounds a little dorky, but I’m really excited about it! Taking classes like that is the best way to get me motivated to exercise, which is something I’ve seriously been lacking this entire summer. I don’t feel all that guilty about it though, because we’ve been so crazy busy I’ve hardly had time to think about the treadmill in our basement that has been accumulating dust. Honestly, I never even notice the thing. Like when I go down to change a load of laundry, I most definitely DO NOT feel the shame of Judas from just catching a glimpse of our beautiful piece of exercise equipment, sitting lonely and unused in the corner of the family room. I recall a specific Friday in July when I was off work for the day; I most certainly DID NOT make a deal with myself which stipulated that if the scale spit out a number lower than a certain number, I would be exempt from working out, despite the fact that I was doing absolutely nothing else that day. I TOTALLY didn’t do that, and I totally didn’t lie on the couch all morning instead, watching old Buffy reruns and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Oh, and on a related note, I absolutely DO NOT feel even a twinge of guilt when I am writing out a check every month for our 0% interest for one year loan on the treadmill.

Moving on. There’s nothing like beautiful fall weather to get me motivated for exercise though, I love everything about the fall, the colors, the smells, the fall fashion lines…there’s just a sense of new beginnings to everything. It's the perfect time to start up with the exercising again. You know what, I just thought of something interesting. When we got our treadmill last year, I was at a serious Sex and the City point in my life. No, my boyfriend hadn’t broken up with me on a post-it, I hadn’t been cheating on my gorgeous furniture designing beau with a married man (I still think Carrie was an absolute idiot to let Aiden go, the first and the second time), and I can tell you for a fact that I wasn’t dating a politician who found urinating on one’s partner a good form of foreplay. Nothing like any of that. I was in the middle of completely devouring Seasons One through Six on DVD, and often times it was while running on our treadmill. Maybe the key is to find something that I am really excited to watch while running, and maybe it’s really good timing that we just bought the Lost Season 1 DVD set this week!

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