Monday, September 12, 2005

Laundry... Hangovers... Shopping

I had a very pleasant weekend I must say. I did boring things like washing ridiculous amounts of dishes (I am getting kind of sick of this “broken dishwasher” thing), folding and putting away laundry, organizing my closet by color, finally finding a way to store and display my shoes and purses, ironing every button-up shirt I own, painting the desk I bought at an antique store in April, arranging and re-arranging the furniture in our new office, going through the piles of mail that had accumulated on our dining room table last week, and finally getting out the last of the postcard invitations for my stupid Pampered Chef party which I was totally guilted into having by the socially awkward lady who lives behind us on the other side of the alley.

I also did some non-boring things as well, such as attending Betsy’s little shindig on Friday night (dubbed a “wine and batman party”, don’t ask). I had such a hilarious time, but had a few too many glasses of wine and had a not-so-fun hangover for the better part of Saturday. I swear, wine is the only alcoholic beverage that gives me all day hangovers; they’re always tolerable hangovers, not like the camping-out-in-the-bathroom-next-to-the-toilet-all-day-hard-alcohol hangovers. It’s more like I have a constant headache all day long, a headache that can only be subsided by napping and eating. Anyways, the party was so fun, and it was quite amazing that we were able to get all of us college roomies together in one place at one time. That doesn’t happen as often as I think we’d all like!

Also on the list of non-boring weekend activities, on Saturday I did the shopping and lunch thing with three of my girlfriends, and I got a couple delectable new purses for the fall that I am so excited about. Later, Dan and I went to DSW and I scored two new pairs of shoes for work, both on clearance, both fabulous! It was a good shopping day, very good. That night we took the pup on over to some friends of ours’ house to meet their new puppy, and we had a nice evening of catching up with two people who we don’t see very often due to all four of our very hectic schedules. The pups got along, although their Australian Cattle Dog was, I think, a little much for our little Bella. Their dog was just bursting with energy, and Bella was happy to oblige with some rambunctious playing, but after a few hours of it non-stop, she looked about ready to pass out, the poor thing. She ended up doing so as soon as we put her in the car for the drive home.

Last night we ordered some mushroom and pepperoni pizza from Frankie’s (…mmm…), and I found myself hooked on a Discovery Channel special about Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. They played the recordings of phone calls from some of the passengers to their loved ones, and interviewed their family members, I was in tears for most of it, but it was absolutely riveting. It’s such a sad story, but inspirational and astounding at the same time, what a courageous group of people.

Now it’s back to the daily grind for 5 days, got to earn that money to pay for all those purses and shoes. ;)

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