Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life: Friday

My work week is over, yipee!  Gus doesn't get the memo that he doesn't have to get up early to go to Grandma's.

I'm nursing Louie at 5:00 when Dan gets out of bed for work, and he's back asleep about 20 minutes later.  At 5:38 I am woken from my lovely 18 minutes of slumber by Gus's voice on the monitor.  I feel a little bit like throwing up.  That is sleep deprivation for you.  ;)

I bring the monitor for Louie upstairs with me and climb into bed, dozing on and off.  I can't be sure if Gus went back to sleep, but he must have because he doesn't force me up and out of bed until 6:45 or so.

Louie is up anyway, so we head downstairs and snuggle in bed all three of us a bit until Gus is driving me crazy bouncing around and pressing the buttons on his very loud motorcycle.

Hmmm, we're a pretty snuggly family I suppose, didn't realize that until I started documenting this week.

I notice at this time that I slept all night wearing the cardigan that I wore to work yesterday, over my pajamas.  Huh.  How did that happen?

When we venture into the kitchen for breakfast, I find this note on the kitchen counter, written on a paper towel.  I am amused that he decorated it with Cars stickers.  Gus is quite excited about that fact as well.


Gus sitting very nicely in his chair eating breakfast.  This kid needs a haircut, look at that rat's nest!

Playtime in the living room before the baby's nap.  George puzzle!

 I am somewhat concerned about the flat spot on Louie's head.  I've been noticing it quite a bit over the last few weeks, and I'm really hoping it's not something we need to get one of those helmets to correct.  Boo.  I'm probably being over-concerned, I know most babies develop a bit of a flat spot, and it usually starts to round out and look more normal once they're rolling over and spending more time on their bellies.  Still, it's quite obvious in this picture.

Louie goes down for a nap just before 8:30, puts himself to sleep with no fussing at all.  Thank you buddy.

Gus chooses to pull out the insanely loud "zuzic" (music) toys at exactly the moment I put his brother down for a nap in our bedroom right next to the living room, so I persuade him to bring the concert into the kitchen.

I go to pump and realize I have no clean pump parts.  Curses!

Gus and I go to the basement bathroom and start to get ready for the day.  We have a lunch date with uncle Ben and my old coworker friend Laura, she left the company just a few weeks before I came back from maternity leave and I MISS HER!  (Play date soon Laura!)

I had to make this picture black and white because the lighting in our basement bathroom makes me look truly HIDEOUS.  I'm still in my pajamas (tank top and Dan's old stretched out boxers) and yesterday's cardigan.

Little Louie is up from his nap around 10:00.   Tummy time!  Let's get rid of that flat spot boy!

Looking much more presentable, despite my one-day dirty hair (and cluttered dresser).

Ben calls and asks if he can come over for the hour before we have to leave for lunch.  He was out getting a hair cut and is killing time.  SURE!  I'm totally up for some adult interaction.

Ben comes and hangs out a little in the living room with the boys while I swiffer vacuum the kitchen and make the bed.  I swear all he's doing is sitting on the couch playing with his phone, but if he hadn't been there, Louie would have been fussing and Gus would have been hanging on my legs while I tried to get these simple tasks done.

Nothing says toddler like finding a motorcycle in your bed.

After lunch with Laura the boys both go down for their naps and I relaaaaaaax.  Both sleep for about two hours, at the same time.  Lovely.  I catch up on some of my Week in the Life blogging and feel much less stressed about how behind I am on this project.  (Blogging about blogging, how meta!)

I wake Gus up at 4:00 when Dan gets home from work and we decide to go for a walk, even though it's pretty chilly.  It's nice to just get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Louie is starting to fuss anyway by 4:30, looking to take his early evening cat nap, so it's good timing as he can sleep in the carrier.

Grandpa sees us at the park (my parents live just across the street from it) and walks over.  That's him smiling and talking to Louie as we get the boys strapped into the stroller to walk home.

We stop and pick up dinner on the way home, feeling lazy about cooking.  (Yes, after eating out for lunch.  I admit, this happens a lot on Fridays.)

Greek tonight.  Gus's favorite, he asks for it by saying "MEAT!"

Bedtime.  Louie is out very quickly tonight, after lots of fresh air on our walk.


"It's time for bed.  Stars fill the skies.  Now it's time to close your eyes."

Pacifier.  Cuddles.  Good night!      


Berbs33 said...

Love these posts... and amazed that you were able to them for an entire week (seriously, just keeping track for one day was hard and I haven't even posted it yet). As for his flat head, don't panic yet! Mason's looked the exact same way and becuase my sister had a portion of her skull not develop which caused a flat spot (and ultimately caused her to have surgery at 6 months old to put a plastic plate in her head) I paniced and took him to Children's when he was 4 1/2 months old. They pretty much thought I was nuts as it is common for kids to delevope a flat spot. I explained what my sister had and because that is something that runs in the genes they understood my concern. They measured his head and yes it was not how it should be but they said it was fine... once he was rolling over and sitting up it should fix itself and if at 6-7 months it was still pretty bad then they would look at fitting him for a hemlet! Moral of my book here... don't get ahead of things... keep working on tummy time and his head will be fine! He is possibly the cutest 4 month old, I just want to pinch those cheeks of his!

Lisa Lu said...

I have to say: we LOVE that apple teether toy at our house! It's the first toy both my boys played with because it's soo easy for their little hands to hold and fits in their mouths just right. Sounds like a lovely day!