Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life: Thursday

Whoa... loosing steam here by Thursday, that's for sure!  

That's ok.  Thursday was pretty laid back, more of the same as far as the morning routine goes.

Dan watches the news every morning.  Looks like a gross weather weekend ahead!  Yay!

I don't think to take any pictures at work unless I'm eating.  It's all about the food at the office, probably because it's admittedly quite lovely to eat meals at my own pace with neither of my baybees needing me.  


Chipotle is INSANE today at lunch!  


At my parents' house for dinner.  Nathan works a pretty crazy retail schedule and it's hard to get the whole family together, but he's off tonight!  We were playing it by ear this morning because if Gus didn't end up napping, we weren't going to push it, but miracle upon miracles, he finally slept.

Took this picture after dinner.  Notice how Gus's full plate is still sitting there?  Punk was just not having it tonight at dinner, barely ate a thing, a few carrots, a few pieces of broccoli, but mostly he just whined and wanted to go play with the NEW TOYS!.

Speaking of....

My brother's wife Michelle is going to start watching my boys in June, so she's starting to accumulate toys.  A trip to my parents attic brings out all these awesome old school little people toys!  It's a total blast from the past, I have so many memories of playing with these toys with my brothers!   

The 2000's have RUINED little people toys.  This stuff is awesome.

Ben and I are almost as excited about these toys as Gus.

I know, enough.  But I can't stand it, I haven't seen this stuff for so long!!!  I LOVED this space station little people toy.  Like seriously, hours of entertainment when I was ten.

Snuggles from my baby.  Cutie slept through dinner upstairs in the pack-n-play after finally getting to nurse.  (It was kind of a rush when I got home from work, getting out of the house and over to my parents, so he had to wait.) 

You know how earlier this week I said Louie is trying so hard to roll over?

He's soooooo close!  He just needs to figure out how to get that one shoulder out from under him.  

Come on buddy, you can do it!  At this point, the whole room is cheering him on.  Go Louie!

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!  He did it!

We are thrilled, he is proud of himself, and grandma missed it.

Then two minutes later he does it again!

And grandma missed it again! 

Oh grandma, if you would just stop talking for 30 seconds!

Fun milestone, now I need to stop setting you on the edge of the bed while I go to the bathroom!  That's the thing about babies, just as we get used to one stage, it's on to the next.  Love it, so proud of this little guy, less than a week away from being four-months old.   


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. A gorgeous naked baby with those adorable baby rolls...and so proud of what he did. Super cute pics! What a fun milestone for the little guy.

Erin said...

I love the baby rolls! Both on his body and his actual rolling :)

Freckles said...

Way to go Louie!!!!! So awesome. And those rolls...too much to handle! Soooooooo flippin' cute!