Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life: Saturday

The fast and the furious edition...  I barely took any pictures today.

Weekend = dual parenting team, YES!

It's a rainy and gloomy day. 

Louie takes a monster morning nap, and the rest of us drink coffee (well not Gus) and play and watch Curious George and bum around the house.  Sound familiar?

It feels like all we are doing today is disciplining Gus.  Spring fever?  Typical two-year-old stuff?  I don't know, but my child is driving me INSANE.  I hate this part of parenting a toddler, because with every time out and every talking to and every moment where I'm trying SO. HARD. not to loose my patience, I always feel a little bit of sadness and remorse afterwards.  Like if I'm accomplishing anything it's breaking this wonderful little boy's wild spirit, which just might be the thing I love most about him.  I don't know.  It's just... well it makes me feel like I might be doing it wrong. 


OH MY GOD we have to get house.

We have those too small shoes we received earlier in the week that need to be returned via the post office, so that's our first thrilling errand.

I make a quick stop at the McDonalds drive-thru while Dan is in the post-office.  It's sadly quite clear how often I do this since, as usual, Gus yells out LARGE DIET COKE! and THANK YOU! when I pull up. 

The second errand involves doing something about that rat's nest of hair on my son's head.  There are large, terrifying cartoon scissors at this place, and bright yellow walls and purple chairs, its definitely what you would call an overstimulating environment.  Louie kind of loved it.

There is a crazy mess of people waiting at the front.  We get ready for a long wait, but it's only about fifteen minutes.   

I consider for a second trying to get Dan to take the kids somewhere fun for lunch, but really, we're both just exhausted from our morning of disciplining and the rain has got the whole family in a funk, so we head home.

Lunch, then nap time.

Dan and I watch a two hour DVR'd episode of The Voice last week in about 45 minutes (while I blog).  I can't believe people sit through the whole two hours of this show.  It's really lame actually, but for some reason it's the only reality show we have gotten into.

I think about straightening my hair and trying to make myself attractive, because my parents are taking the kids and it's date night tonight!  Can't wait, we're just going to a movie, nothing too exciting, but we're both feeling pretty drained from parenting and the timing couldn't be better.

This is what my hair looks like if I do nothing to it after showering, like I did this morning.  Ack! 

I end up just putting it back into a messy bun.  Soooo lazy!  I know, I should probably try harder for my husband.    

Not only are my parents taking the kids for the evening, but they're taking Gus for the night, quite a treat for all involved actually, Gus loves spending the night over there.

After nap time we decide to make room for the pack-n-play in our bedroom.  Hoping this change helps Louie start sleeping better.  Who knows, but it's a first step.  Still going to wait a few days to put away the bassinet though, just in case. 

Our little night out is quite lovely.  Good movie, delicious popcorn, nice company, and we even talked about things other than the boys.  When we pick up Louie at my parents I check in on Gus sleeping in his own little bed at grandma's and he looks so lovely and peaceful and I just want to go smell his hair and pick him up and bring him home with me.  I pull myself together and remember just why it will be nice for all three of us (mom/dad/Gus) to have a night of space from each other and we head home with just our baby. 


Mama in the City said...

Our 3 year old boy had a sleepover at my sisters and we enjoyed our time with just the baby. Ate pizza, drank wine and stayed up bill 1 AM watching movies. It felt lie such a treat!

val said...

Aaagh, I wrote a whole comment and where did it go?


I understand terrible photos in the bathroom lighting.

I look like Einstein without the mustache.

I love that Dan left you a good bye note on a paper towel.

That's a man who is in love with you right now.

One morning Jay whispered in my ear, "I hid the last two cans of diet coke in your sock drawer."

Okay, that's true love.

I'm looking forward to seeing Gus's new haircut and how Louie can now turn all the way over.

My mom told me last week, "Look at how close this guy is!"


Thank goodness for your parents and their extra bed for Gus. I wish we had his own bed here for sleepovers, but maybe in the weeks to come.

Love you so, Val

Erin said...

Ben was all in a funk on Saturday because of the weather too. Ho hum. I feel like all we ever do is discipline Annie. I swear I say the words "no whining" probably 100 times a day and we usually only see her for 4 hours. Sheesh. It feels so peaceful today just being home alone with Luke. Annie is probably EASIER right now, but dang, toddlers are just so... soul sucking sometimes. In a good and a bad way. You just can't ignore them and have a conversation or anything like that, that's for sure! :)

Glad you got some time away - it's been about 2 weeks now since I've had any no kid time, and I can tell by my mood. Will need to step away for a few hours this week for sure!