Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday

The next few days are definitely going to be photo dump kind of days.  Today, I barely took any pictures.  I looked at my notebook at the end of the day and it said, "Tuesday" at the top. The word is underlined and fresh, it looks very promising, but unfortunately there's nothing underneath it.
I'm writing this on Thursday.  The work week is insane with two small children, from the second I get out of bed on Tuesday morning to the moment that both kids are finally in bed on Thursday night, it's go-go-go.  There's just so much to fit in, with my 9-hour workdays and sometimes 45 minute commutes home, it just all feels so crunched.  Admittedly though, being at work is actually relaxing compared to the evenings at home, but most of that probably has to do with how little sleep we're living on, so we're hard-core running out of steam by the time I get home around 6:00. 

These are the days right? The ones where we're supposed to cherish every minute with our small children.

Yeah, okay, sure.

Don't get me wrong, they're not bad days, but I am certainly ready for them to be over by their end. 

Morning at the office, getting booted up.  Getting up and out of the house is way too crazy and boring (can it be both of those things at the same time?) to document with pictures.

Note the massive coffee?  And the Subway breakfast.  I know, some may be grossed out by the idea of Subway breakfast, but I say don't knock it til you try it.  Egg and cheese and bacon and spinach and green peppers on a toasted flat bread?  YUM, I tell you.

Bonus this morning is that there is some sort of buy-one-get-one deal going on, so I got a free 6-inch sub for tomorrow's lunch.  Hopefully it doesn't get soggy and gross by then.  (Future Alicia here, it tastes fine the next day.  Score!)

Ahh yes.  8:30 AM, I have a date with the pump.  Just look at how much milk I get in the mornings!  It's sort of insane.  On a few occasions I have been playing on the computer and not paying attention when all of a sudden I feel dripping all over my lap because I've pumped so much the bottle is overflowing.  Ridiculous.  I will never complain about this though, after the stress of supply issues with my first baby.    

Steam cleaning the pump parts in the kitchen.  Whooooooo! 

Lunch with Ben.  Chilitos from Zantigo... so freaking good. 

Leaving work.  Praying traffic isn't terrible.  At least it's a beautiful day. 

Traffic is terrible.  So I take the back roads and avoid the parking lot that is Hwy 100, which means I get to drive through some of the most amazing neighborhoods in the metro.  And at least I'm moving, I get intense headaches sitting in stop-and-go traffic.

My Baaaaybee!  So happy to be home.

Crazy kid crapped through every other item of clothing we sent with to grandma's today, meaning he comes home in this mismatched hilarious outfit with no undershirt onesie.  I kind of love it.  The belly is irresistible.  

Better take a picture before I get rid of the bra, which usually happens almost immediately when I get home.  

Reconnecting.  This will be the last I see of the little guy before I hit the sack hours later.  Louie is tired out after a fun day at grandmas and lots of time outside, and goes to sleep at 6:30.  Makes dinner easier, but also makes me a little sad. 

Dan has heated up leftovers for dinner when I come out to the kitchen.  Gus didn't nap today, so it takes some work to get him through dinner without any meltdowns.  Enter: Leaptop.  

Leftover chicken wild rice casserole from this weekend.  Holy crap this stuff is good, I can't recommend it enough.  A delicious Pinterest find. 

Gus shows off his new tats that I'm guessing his aunt Julia gave him today.  

Okay, after dinner we go downstairs for a few minutes before Gus's bedtime and he has this strange burst of energy all of a sudden.  Normally on days that he doesn't nap, he comes home from grandma's and we're hard-pressed to keep him awake until 7:00, he's SO EXHAUSTED.  But tonight is strange.  He runs all over the basement, and I swear in the span of thirty minutes plays with every single toy he has down there all the while non-stop, breathlessly talking.


 First he sets up Lightening McQueen, Chick Hicks, The King, and Doc Hudson to race on his little orange track.  They're really just four matchbox cars that somewhat resemble the characters in the Cars movie, but he carries them all over the basement telling me how fast they are and asking me to hold each of them.  
Then it's on to his play kitchen, where he cooks up some broccoli that we each take turns nibbling.

"Mommy broccoli." 

"Mmmm.  Yum.  I'm not really hungry though buddy."

"Gus's turn, Gus broccoli."

"Is it good?"

"Daddy broccoli."  

"Thank you Gus, it's delicious."

Then he makes us eat the green grapes and moves on quickly and starts searching frantically for the "purple grapes".  

Then he runs to his train table and starts talking breathlessly about each of them, telling stories, "No James!  be careful James!  Oh!? Where are the chickens?"

Clearly this kid needs to go to bed, but we're having so much fun playing with him and listening to him talk a-mile-a-minute, we aren't quite sure how to break up the party without ruining the moment.  

Finally we get him upstairs for bed, and start to get him into his pajamas and night-time diaper.  We quick remember to ask him if he wants to go potty, and of course he does!  Another way to stall bedtime!

He sits and goes immediately, he's totally starting to get this!  I think at this point we need to just start reminding him about the potty more often, he's showing all the signs of being ready.

Anyway, potty means he gets to pick out another tattoo, but his arms are pretty much covered at this point, so Gordon goes on his belly.

Only one bedtime story tonight, this kid has GOT TO GO TO BED.

More household tasks after he's asleep, dishes, daycare bag, washing pump parts, that whole deal.  We remember at 9:00 that we wanted to make a casserole for my Dan's brother and sister-in-law to bring over tomorrow when we visit the new baby.  So that gets done too.

I'm exhausted when I finally go to bed at 11:00.


val said...

That shirt is an old one of James' that I love, and I mentioned to Dan nothing matched and he laughed and said, "Who cares?"

Well, not me, much.

Safe and happy are the goal, lol.

My mom and I were admiring how much Louie has changed in a month. He changes every day.

And Gus tells my mother long stories and calls her Gramma Swanson.

Today only Grandma Swanson could peel the banana at lunch.

I gotta say--that milk you're pumping is so rich it has a layer of cream on it I have to shake up before I pour and warm the bottles.

No idea what you're doing, but obviously it's exactly right.

love, Val

Berbs33 said...

I am jealous that the amount you pumped in the morning... I wish my supply would have been that good but I will not complain (I least I had some this time unlike the first time around)! Sounds like a busy day... but with two boys what day ins't busy right? And I do not know how you stay awake until 11pm and then get up for work the next morning. I am seriously in bed at 9:30 on work nights (I might watch TV a little while but none the less I am in bed)! Love these posts, I am doing my own day in the life today but I fear it will be very boring or I will forget about it half way through the day! Anyways, Happy Friday!

Lisa said...

I love Subway breakfast sandwiches! They've had the buy one get one free before 9am all April. Guess I should have told you that sooner! It makes the perfect breakfast and lunch combo, if you can stomach sandwich after sandwich like I can.

Your hair looks gorgeous! I've always been so jealous of those perfect curls you have.

Oh, and that casserole looks SCRUMPTIOUS - I might have to make it tonight.

Sounds like your days are full and tiring and lovely all at the same time. :)

Betsy said...

I am a horrible commenter these days, but I love reading about your days! I also laughed at the overall reference in one of the earlier posts.

Erin said...

A few notes:

I love your outfit and your hair looks super good :)

I definitely can relate to the overfilled milk bottles while pumping at work! I've already almost had that happen to me at home once too when I wasn't paying attention. Once the choking/screaming issue goes away, oversupply isn't so bad... just hope it goes away for me and Luke soon!

Louie's return from daycare outfit is awesome.

I also canNOT believe you can stay awake til 11. Dang. Ben can do that too, no matter how little sleep he's gotten - he says it's worth it to him to have a little alone time and he'd rather have that than sleep.