Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I can't wait for summer...

the sun and sweat, and the caked on dirt under Gus's tiny fingernails 

ceramic planters on our front steps, overflowing with pink flowers and lush coleus

Saturday mornings picking out vegetables at the farmers' market

open windows that usher in a breeze throughout the house, giving way to dancing window sheers and the distinctly "summer" scent of freshly cut grass

runny ice cream cones making a mess of the stroller on the walk home from an evening trip to the park

a beer on the patio after the kids have been tucked up in bed

Oh goodness, need I go on?

So excited.

I am not a gardener.  In fact, I am so terrified of worms and creepy crawly bugs that I go to great lengths to avoid contact with any dirt or soil that doesn't come from a bag.  But my building anticipation for all things summer and a conversation with my brother at lunch about the vegetable garden he is planning on building have even me daydreaming of floral garden gloves and fresh peppers and meticulously thought-out planting grids.

For now, I will continue to enjoy this unseasonably warm spring we're having, and take advantage of every chance I can get to hang out in the backyard with the boys.

Because it has totally been our happy place this past month.

The Thomas tent is also Gus's happy place (a big brother gift from his aunt aunt and uncle!), though I suspect if it was a Cars tent he'd go even crazier for it.  It seems his Thomas obsession is finally waning a bit, and it has been replaced by Cars movie MANIA.  I've got to say, I prefer Pixar over those dull, saccharine, cheese-ball Thomas episodes that all seem to try to promote lessons on vanity and pride.  In reality they're generally about Thomas (or one of his friends) being a stubborn jerk and ultimately ending up in some sort of frustratingly avoidable trouble.  And that trouble ALWAYS makes Sir Topham Hatt very cross.  (Yes, I googled the spelling of his name.) 

Whoa.  What a digression.  Clearly I have watched too much Thomas. 

In full disclosure, this picture of Louie was taken in my parents' backyard.  But still!  So cute! 

That rug is hanging on the fence because my lovely son pulled a big snow globe off a shelf in the nursery and it resulted in an explosion of glass and glittery liquid all over the room.  I take full responsibility because I was the one that, just the night before, left it on the shelf within his reach.

Wow, yeah that was a horrible mess, and the incident certainly derailed a lovely Saturday. 

After a few 70 degree days we quickly realized that Gus had no sandals or crocs or really any summer shoes that fit, so we remedied that immediately.

That child did some serious growing over the winter.

Yeah, the shorts with patterned crew socks and tennis shoes look is NOT something I like to promote.  I also promptly went out and purchased for him some ankle socks so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.    


Mandy said...

Agree, Agree, Agree - summer is the best and I can't wait for it to get here! As for the gardening thing... it is awesome (and you rarely find a worm or anything so you could do it)! This will be our 5th summer with our vegetable garden and I am bursting with excitement to get it planted (and decide what to plant, we always try something new but haven't decided what that is going to be yet this year)! Love the pictures, your boys are adorable!

Lisa said...

That all sounds so heavenly. I love summer. And it's funny you mention gardening, because I was just thinking yesterday how awesome it would be to have a garden with tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers that I could just go pick and use for dinner. Of course we have no yard for it, and I am far from having a green thumb, but it sounds like something I might tackle someday in the future.

Love your kids!

Julia said...

I 100% agree with everything you wrote about Thomas and had to chuckle because only a mom would be able to overanlayze him so well. We are currently in the Thomas phase and man, I'm getting really sick of the 'bust my boilers!' and other dumb phrases. But whatever. It's just a phase, right?

Freckles said...

Makes me so excited for summer! Super cute picture of Louie nursing with his chunky legs hanging out...I personally like Gus' outfit. I'm totally all for the mismatchy outfits! I'm so glad Kellen does not like Thomas the train...I used to PCA for a child (who has autism) who was obsessed with Thomas, and I couldn't stand it! Ugh. Thankfully, he rarely watches t.v. because our main t.v. is downstairs, and we usually hang out upstairs if we're indoors...but with this lovely weather, we've been outside practically every waking moment. So, we don't have to deal with any t.v. obsessions...just cars, trucks, planes, and rocks. You've got me thinking we should plant a veggie garden ---- maybe next summer. I might have too much on my plate this summer??? We'll see. :)

Angela said...

This makes me very impatient for spring!