Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Brother

Louie is just enamored with his big brother.  He is loud, boisterous, hilarious, silly, busy, bossy, demanding, affectionate, and bursting at the seems with both good and bad ideas.

Louie would prefer that Gus with his bad ideas be around at all times.  When big brother is not in the room, little brother quickly gets bored with his dull mother or father.  

fixing mater

Really, I get it.  I can't get enough of this kid either.  

Sometimes the unconditional love that Louie displays for Gus is not reciprocated, and sometimes Gus would like some SPACE. 

In particular, when using the bathroom.  

I'd like Gus to have some space to do his business privately as well, especially when I'm trying to help him into or out of his pants and Louie is crawling all over both of us in one of our three tiny bathrooms, trying to stick his hands in the toilet.  

Give us some space Louie!  I mean seriously.

This morning Gus was doing his business and I kicked Louie out of the bathroom.  This did not please the little guy, but he patiently waited outside the door.

At one point, he got down on his belly, ear to the ground, trying to look under the door.  

I nearly died from the cuteness, and that is when I raced through the house looking for my camera or my phone.  He was done with that by the time I got back.  Darn. 


I am loving watching these two be brothers, watching their relationship grown with each other, independent of Dan and I.  

Because if all goes as it should, they will be together to share in little and big events throughout their lives.  And they're going to be there for each other someday when we might not.

Brothers.  It's a beautiful thing.       


Berbs33 said...

I love this post. It is amazing how much a little one can look up to a big brother. I have been noticing the connection between my boys a lot lately and it melts my heart! Brothers, truely is a beautiful thing!

Erin said...

Aww, love this! Luke has started making a beeline for wherever Annie is too - and she has in turn started becoming obsessed with whatever toy he happens to be touching and taking it back from him. Oh fun :)

Freckles said...

Very sweet post :)