Thursday, November 08, 2012

Just for fun

Because I'm too wrapped up in getting organized for this baptism.  And I've been running around all evening with poor Louie all fussy in the back seat of the car while I take care of boring errands like buying paper plates and napkins in my chosen color scheme and stopping at the bakery to order the cake.

Because my mom spontaneously offered to take Gus overnight.  My dad is on travel for work and truly, I think she's a little lonely after a week in the house by herself.  (Within moments of deciding on it, she was already talking to him about sleeping in her bed tonight so they can snuggle.  So sweet.)

Because Gus being at grandma's and Louie sleeping means Dan and I have some free time and it would be really nice to just veg out in front of the TV.

I wish we had beer.

Anyway, so just for fun here are some pictures from a forgotten summer weekend.  Because it never happened if I didn't blog about it, right?.  My parents, my brother, and his wife spent a weekend in July with us up at Dan's family's cabin, and it was loud and fun and I'm sure exhausting, though the pictures never sufficiently tell THAT story, do they?  :)

2012_07-29 026

2012_07-29 030

2012_07-29 034

2012_07-29 041

2012_07-29 046

2012_07-29 058

2012_07-29 060

2012_07-29 063

2012_07-29 066

2012_07-29 069

2012_07-29 077

2012_07-29 080

2012_07-29 082

2012_07-29 086

2012_07-29 096

2012_07-29 102

2012_07-29 117

2012_07-29 120

2012_07-29 123

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berberena33 said...

Love the pics, that picture of Gus in his lifejacket is awesome. It is amazing how bright blue his eyes are. Looks like a fun weekend at the lake, makes me wish it was summer again!"