Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's go SKIING!

Yesterday morning we woke up to itty-bitty amounts of snow on the ground, a tiny dusting really.  When Gus saw it out the window he immediately became frantic, got down from his seat at the breakfast table.

SNOW!  Look mama, it’s SNOWING!  Let’s go skiing!  Let’s go sledding!  I want to jump in it!  Quick, let’s go get our shoes on and go outside!

Later as we were walking into school (ECFE) he stopped to inspect every single little tiny patch of snow in the parking lot.  You could barely even call it snow at this point, just little sprinkles of white powder on the asphalt, here and there.  We were already late, of course, but no amount of my animated encouragement, “Hurry buddy let’s go quick so you have more time to play with your friends!” could take his attention away from the glorious SNOW!

I want to touch it! 

I want to jump in it!

I want to eat it!

I want to kick it!

At one point he tried to climb under a parked car to get at a patch of the good stuff.

When Dan got home from work at 4:00 PM the snow was still all he could talk about, even though by then if you looked outside it was as if it had never happened, you couldn't find one lingering trace of it out the window.

Daddy, did you see the snow?      

Let’s go get the sled and go sledding! 

We told him the snow was all gone and that yeah, that was a big bummer, but there would be more again someday soon, and hopefully it would be much deeper, and we would definitely play in it then. 

Yes, when there’s more snow we will go sledding, and we will go skiing, and we’ll get stuck in it, and we’ll make snowballs, and we’ll make a snowman, with a  carrot for the nose and a banana and arms and a hat…

Last year it snowed like, what? Twice all year?  Clearly he didn't forget..
Oh my goodness. 

This winter (or at least the winter before February when I start getting reeeeally sick of it) is going to be awesome.

I wish there was some way I could bottle up some of that kid’s enthusiasm.  


Julia said...

It's a good thing you live in MN where you at least have a good chance of snow then. This is so freaking cute.

Erin said...

Annie was also SO excited - she saw the snow and immediately started yelling "My boots!! MY BOOTS! My SNOW BOOTS!" because we'd been telling her all summer that she couldn't wear them, we only wear snow boots when there is snow on the ground :) Luckily her feet apparently don't grow and they still fit! She insisted on going outside right away, and just stood there for a few minutes until Ben made her come back inside so they could finish getting ready. She kept touching it too! So fun to watch. I hope for a lot of snow this year! (well, a decent amount. Not a LOT - just enough to actually sled!)

The Oxford Ski Company said...

It is great to know that your little one is into skiing. Why not treat him for a fun holiday experience like going out on a luxury ski somewhere? That will be amazing!