Thursday, November 01, 2012


Can I really do it?

Every year around this time I start seeing other posts pop up about NaBloPoMo.  National Blog Posting Month, i.e. post something every single damn day during the month of November.

I'm way intimidated, but also, lately, majorly suffering from a lack of motivation to blog.  I attribute it to a general lack of sleep (for three years) in addition to just putting way too much pressure on myself to always be interesting, which is really hard since my primary hobbies these days amount to cleaning the kitchen, picking up sippy cups off the floor, worrying about how little breast milk my 10 month old seems to drink these days, wrestling a slippery baby and a lanky 3-year-old during ill-advised dual baths, filling up online shopping carts with cute clothes for me and my boys and then never actually buying them, and obsessing over how we are going to host 50 (yes, FIFTY!) people in our cramped house for Louie's baptism one week from this Sunday.  

So yeah, busy?  Full life?  Yes, and YES.  Truly, no complaints here, life is really quite good.  But interesting?  Sometimes not so much. I need to try to not care about that so much.  I write here for a number of reasons, I like having a creative outlet, I like the idea of being able to look back and remember little snippets of life, and I like that it relieves some of the guilt I have for pretty much abandoning the idea of baby books around the time Gus was four months old and officially stopped sleeping.  That was back in 2009.

Also I find the not-so-interesting stuff about other people's lives, especially those living lives that resemble mine these days, entirely fascinating.  So what am I so concerned with?

Anyway, I want to write more here.  I want to document more of our life.  I want to share more stories and more pictures.

So I'm going to do it.  I'm going to try to write every day during the month of November.  I don't really set goals for myself very often, because I'm a quite lazy person and I also hate to fail so setting lofty goals doesn't usually end well.  But whatever.

This may not end well, full disclaimer right up front.  But I'm going to give it the old college try.  And I'd like to think I could at least bring myself to post a picture every day right?  SOMETHING.

Let's do this.  

Because I can't NOT include a picture, here I am, fully engaged in one of my fascinating hobbies.


Erin said...

Yay! Love this because I'm always so excited to see your posts in my reader, no matter WHAT they are :)

Heather said...

Yay! I'm attempting NaBloPoMo this month too - first time ever. Will it help in the motivation dept. if we do it do it together?

Julia said...

you can do it!! I'm with Erin, I will love reading along this month.

val said...

Jay saw this picture and laughed, "Looks like a handful of slippery kids."

Oy, yes. You know Julia has taken over shampooing her own hair now.

I have finally worked myself out of a job.

Nobody left to shampoo.

sigh. It was bound to happen eventually.

I love you, Val

Berbs33 said...

Exciting... I love reading your posts and seeing your pics! With such busy lives I feel like through blogs I can stay connected and know what others are up to! I think I might give this challenge a try to (although I already missed day one but that is okay right)!?!? And my blog is incredibly boring, no intelligent writing from me and I dont even try anymore. I really just needed a place to document our lives and share all the pictures that I take (which I realize is way over the top but I can't seem to stop)! I hear from some (family who do not live close) that they check it often and love watching the kids grow through our blog and I am sure that others have stopped checking it as to them it is boring and a waste of their time but it is my life (boring as that might be) so I guess I am not changing my blog for them! I hope you continue to blog (and dont put so much pressure on yourself). Even a simple post as "Wordless Wednesday" and then just posting a picture is enough sometimes (my sister in law does that almost every week and I love seeing what picture she chooses for Wordless Wednesday). Anyways, enough rambling - Happy Blogging!

AliRose said...

Do it Mandy! And your blog is NOT BORING. I love staying in touch with what you and your family are doing via blogs/instagram/facebook. We really don't hang out often enough. :(

Lisa said...

You would not believe how long I stared at your blog title trying to figure out what the heck it meant. I should have just kept reading. :)

I live somewhat vicariously through you and your adorable family, so I love all of your blogging. So yay for hopefully a full month of photos, funny antics, crazy kid stories, etc. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though. Hopefully it'll be fun (or at least worth the effort when you look back on it all)!