Thursday, November 22, 2012


For families on both sides that are so large that they need tables like this one on a day like today.  (I ran out of energy half way through the day and didn't get any pictures of our second dinner with my family, but believe me, the table was just as large.)

2012_11-22 001

For pecan pie and gravy and real homemade cranberry sauce.

2012_11-22 012

For a husband who wrangles my boys so I can have a glass of wine with my aunts.

For this whole gaggle of cousins that Gus and Louie get to grow up with.

2012_11-22 015

2012_11-22 018

2012_11-22 021

For grandma and her endless stash of Moo Jr.'s (or Moon June Junes as Gus calls them).

2012_11-22 005

For the Vietnamese egg rolls at every one of my family's gatherings.  (Gus pounded two of them down his throat and then climbed under the table.  While I should have been really annoyed (err... MORE annoyed), I was thankful that he at least ate something today other than pie and ice cream and candy.)

For freaky MN weather that gave us a Thanksgiving that started out at 60 degrees, then slowly got colder throughout the day...


2012_11-22 008

...and ended with snow on the ground.

2012_11-22 037

For sweatpants.

For four more days at home with my boys.

2012_11-22 002

2012_11-22 013

2012_11-22 036

Happy Thanksgiving!



Julia said...

dang! that is quite the group---love it! And that yellow color looks amazing on you, lady.

Andrea F said...

Love it!! What a great big glorious family you've got there and the photos are lovely.
Growing up we always had small holiday celebrations with just our family of 5. Than I married my husband who has a ginormous family and got a taste of those big family get togethers and I totally dig them!