Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The most well-rested member of our family


This one just sleeps.  No trouble at bedtime, no twirling of hair, no screaming for milk, no rocking back and forth in her crib, no begging for me to get her a rag to wipe her boogers, no tiptoeing out of her room.

She just sleeps.  

And I wish we could switch places for just one day.  


val said...

Oh, composing myself.

I laughed so hard.

This one also worries not about bills or hurt feelings or the future or anyone else.

That whole thing where a friend told Kellie Klein's dad he wanted to come back as one of his dogs?

It was not a lie.

Scratch that pointy white chest for me. love you guys, Val

ps. Now I get to prove I'm not a robot!

Erin said...

I don't have a dog, but just this morning after a night of very little sleep (half my fault for staying up too darn late, then Ben had a rough night too for some reason!) I thought wow, I would pay someone a lot of money to take my kids to daycare for me today and let me skip work to just SLEEP all day. Just one day. Oh, it would be heavenly.

We can dream!

AliRose said...

Erin - amazingly I was JUST thinking the same thing last night, at 1:30 AM when Louie was wide awake looking up at me like, "Mom, hey, let's go play!" after being up on and off since 11:30. I made grand plans in my head, that maybe a Christmas present for my husband and I could be getting a hotel for the day, on like, a Wednesday, leaving the house at the usual time, when the nanny comes at 7:00. Getting breakfast, and just going somewhere to SLEEP. ALL DAY LONG. No hanky panky. ;) Just SLEEP. And maybe room service. And then MORE SLEEP.

It's a beautiful thought.

Lisa said...

Great post! I know I don't have the sleep deprivation that you do, but I have wondered how nice it would be to be a dog. No cares in the world but sleep and eat and play and love my owners. Minus the eating your own poop part.

Love that dog!

Oh, and if you need a babysitter so that you guys can go enjoy sleep or whatever your heart desires, you know how to reach me. (I'm serious).

Berbs33 said...

I am with Lisa, I would take those beautiful boys for a day too and you and Dan could sleep the day away! Also being a dog for a day sounds glorious, they dont realize how good they have it!