Monday, November 26, 2012

Eating crow

First off, the tree is the perfect size.  It was pretty tall and thin, so Dan had to cut it down quite a bit at the bottom, but I will fully admit to being wrong about it being enormous.  I'm glad to be wrong, and am admitting it right here, so it can be documented forever.

There's a first time for everything. ;)

Second.  Whoa, this task is exhausting.  With or without kids, the whole process... getting the necessary furniture moved, unpacking the contents of four big blue plastic tubs, putting the tree up, making sure it's straight, the lights, the ornaments, the random kitschy stuff that you have no clue where to put... so much work.

Gus was not helpful, mostly just jumped around and looked at everything and got in our way.  I would ask him if he wanted to put something on the tree, and he'd say, "Yes, I do want to put that ornament on the tree," and then he would walk over to his dad and say, "Daddy, you put this on the tree?"

When do children start being helpful with this stuff?  I remember bitching and moaning something fierce as a teenager when it was time to decorate the tree, my parents would have to practically force me to participate.  (Ugh, teenage girls can be such little punks.)  But there must be some window in there where kids are truly excited to help out and make some memories while doing it, right?  Somewhere between the toddler/preschool and the teenage years there's a sweet spot of tradition-loving helpfulness.  Can't wait.

2012_11-26 024

2012_11-26 006

2012_11-26 018

2012_11-26 019

Because who doesn't have a sequined dinosaur on their Christmas tree?

2012_11-26 015

This ornament has to be the best handmade ornament ever in the history of ridiculous handmade ornaments.  I mean, it's a freaking old-school diskette!  You know, we have no idea, that disk could be an old copy of O'Dell Lake, Number Munchers, or even Oregon Trail!  Now that is a thrilling thought!  

So hilarious.  Makes me giggle every year.  Came from Dan's stash of ornaments from growing up.

2012_11-26 009

2012_11-26 016

We've come a long way baby.

2012_11-26 014

Gus has grown up so much in the past year, it's ridiculous, though I think this was a gift from my mom and this picture was taken quite a bit earlier than Christmas-time last year.

2012_11-26 030

We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year, like a number of our friends.  Gus named him Elvis.  Soooo random.  Yesterday he was hanging from a cabinet in our kitchen, and the day before that, upside down from a lantern in the dining room.  Tonight, we are tired, so we went literal.  Elvis, meet the shelf.

I decided this was the year, this was the year that we would stop using the old stockings from our childhood and really embraced the fact that we are GROWN UPS.  Like for real, we are the MOM and DAD.

2012_11-26 033

What a trip.  I will say, I specifically did not order the stocking with the angel on it, even though I liked it better than the tree on my "Mom" stocking.  I had this feeling like I had to save it just in case we have a daughter someday.  And then also, last minute before confirming the order, I changed Dan's from the reindeer to the nutcracker, figuring another little boy would prefer the reindeer.

So I guess I inadvertently admitted to myself that I definitely want a third kid someday, huh?!


val said...

That 2011 ornament I gave you--there was one for each of John's kids too. The picture though I think was from like January of 2011, and true, by December that picture was almost a year old.

Oh, I hope you do have a third kid and even a fourth, lol. I'm glad you guys are young and have plenty of time. Now? Later? It's entirely your preference. That's nice.

Okay, good night. I hope you keep on blogging every day forever. love, Val

Berbs33 said...

YOur tree is beautiful. We are putting ours up tonight but after seeing these pics I want to go home right now and get started. I hear your about the entire ordeal being exhausting but it is so worth it at the same time. And don't worry gus will come around to helping decorate. Colton loves to put the ornaments on with me (then again he always has) and we are just hoping Mason is helpful this year too, kinda worried about that 22 month old terror and my beautiful tree... might be one of those years where the ornaments are only on the top half of the tree just out of reach of his little fingers! Also love that you are still blogging daily, way to stick with it. My computer/internet is broken at home so I will have some serious catching up to do once it is back up and running!

Erin said...

Love your tree so much, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE kitschy ornaments. We have so many, most are still at my parents house though. My sister always insists on putting this one of me from like 3rd grade front and center - buck teeth, poofy bangs, shoulder pads and all. Love it.

Interested to hear how Elf on the shelf goes for you. I find it pretty creepy, so I don't think we'll do it, BUT I did say something to Annie the other day about how Santa was always watching her and it was almost annoyingly effective.

RE: kids being helpful. I definitely remember my mom just doing the tree herself while I was in HS because I just couldn't be bothered. In retrospect, I'm glad she didn't force any sort of togetherness on me that would have just sucked for everyone in the end. Probably depends on the kid, because Annie is very very into being helpful, and was last year too. It borders on NOT so helpful, but at least she's trying!

I can't wait for your 3rd (and 4th!) kid :) I can live vicariously through you!

Julia said...

I was just thinking about how I want to get all new stockings for us this year, but I don't want that to make it seem like my selection is a 'final family stocking' grouping. Not ready to rule out a third but REALLY not ready to commit to one, either!