Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is my refrigerator

I spent my day running all over the city, making lists, checking off lists, shopping, preparing food, packing the car, unpacking the car, lifting chairs, setting up tables, laying out tablecloths, arranging centerpieces, carrying 20 lb bags of ice, picking up a cake in the most unnecessarily massive box ever, and shoving and rearranging and forcing huge catering containers of sandwiches into my refrigerator.  


And then I came home and bathed two children and talked my three year old down from the ledge during a freak-out of epic proportions over brushing his hair.  

I am spent.

The Baptism is tomorrow, and I think we're ready.

Tonight?  Well tonight the kids both went to bed early and I think I'm going to each chips and drink beer and watch Love It or List It.

Ahhh... Saturday night.  Living the dream.      

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Berbs33 said...

Hope the baptism and everything else goes smooth tomorrow, looking forward to seeing some pics from Louie's big day!