Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two months from right now

I will be on a plane, flying home from a weekend in Chicago with my girlfriends.

I will have said goodbye to a few best friends that I only see in person a couple times a year.  

It is truly a gift to know that when all the hustle and bustle of this joyous holiday season is over (and it has barely even started), and January comes with it's frigid cold and icy highways, and short, dark days, I will still have something truly wonderful to look forward to.

My husband, my children, the rest of my family, it almost goes without saying how thankful I am that they are in my life.  They ARE my life.  

These women, though, don't often get the credit they deserve.  They sit in the wings, sometimes we don't touch base as often as we should, sometimes we get wrapped up in our work, our families, our children, our homes, our "everyday".  

Sometimes it hurts when we don't find or make the time for each other.  Sometimes I really miss them.  

But always there is an unspoken forgiveness for those times when we let life get in the way of friendship.       

We come back to each other and it is as if no time has passed, yet there is so much to catch up on we're tripping over ourselves to get it all out.  

This group of women can talk about anything, everything, nothing.  But we will talk, and we will listen, and we will console and confide and empathize.  

And just as important, we will LAUGH.  

The kind of laughter that is good for the soul, belly laughs that make you catch your breath, maybe snort, maybe pee a little, depending on how many times you've given birth.  

I can't wait you guys.  

I'll see you in the new year. 

Bets, I'm expecting t-shirts, so don't disappoint me.



looking into eachothers eyes

lake time




Erin said...

Ugh, I want a girls weekend so bad. My friends just keep having babies, and spaced out enough that everyone seems to have that window of "can't travel late pregnancy-newborn" time one right after another. Such is life with 8 30-32 year old women, I guess! NEXT YEAR, it will happen. Hopefully. Or I'm just taking a trip somewhere BY MYSELF.

Andrea F said...

LOL awesome photos ladies!! I really want my next get away to be just my husband. I just need to go ahead and book something!

Freckles said...

LOL, thanks for including a picture of my chubby face in there! I was so sad I missed out on the entire weekend, but I guess that's what happens when you have a 4 week old baby to take care of :). She is well worth it!!! I was so thankful that you guys were willing to meet me out for dinner, though. I wonder if we'll ever be able to plan a girls' weekend where ALL 8 of us can make it?!? I sure hope so! Soooooo excited for January!!! :)

Berbs33 said...

This made me tear up... some of the best friends I could have ever hoped for! I am incredibly sad that I wont be joining for this next girls weekend... stupid me and planning another trip the same weekend. Ugg, well I am looking forward to our summer get away even more now after this post! Thanks for being a great friend Alicia.