Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This is what it's come to

So it seems blogging every day leaves me with about, oh say 11 minutes of lazy me time at the end of each day.  On days that I want more than that, I'm up until somewhere between the 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM hour.  And that just is not smart.

Do you know what I hate?  I HATE that moment when both kids are all tucked into their beds, off in dreamland, and I walk into the kitchen and see this:





Ack.  I mean come on, we didn't even wipe up Louie's high chair after dinner an hour and a half ago.  Gross.

And honestly this is really tame, as far as messy kitchens go.  I mean we didn't even cook.  This is the result of a thrown together dinner of tortillas and cheese and deli meat and spinach, yogurt and black beans for Louie, raspberries out of the carton, baby carrots from a bag.

Yup.  That kind of dinner.

Dinner was thrown together late because Louie was being crabby for Dan after work and I had to stop at Costco on the way home from work for pies.  I have no desire to enter that establishment the day before Thanksgiving, so it had to happen tonight.  It was quite a bit less busy tonight than I thought it would be, but people were still really crabby.

What's that about people of Costco?  It is Thanksgiving!  Let us give thanks for what we have and be pleasant to our neighbors!

Yes, I'm in charge of pies for Thanksgiving with Dan's parents and this year I am not even attempting to bake them myself.  Maybe next year.

I'm not going to feel guilty about it either, because honestly, Costco makes some really freaking delicious pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie.  And it is quite likely they are much better than the pies I am able to produce.  They certainly look prettier.

I told Dan it will take me every ounce of self control I have to not cut into one of them tonight while I'm watching Parenthood and balling my eyes out, as I tend to do every week.

I love Parenthood so much.

And scene.

THAT is what you get on day 20 of blogging every single day.      


Betsy said...

My kitchen looks like that every night. And sometimes Brevin's high chair doesn't get cleaned until breakfast the following morning. Ugh. I just roll with the chaos.

Parenthood is totally my favorite show. I'm a few episodes behind and I am dying to catch up!

Nice work blogging everyday! I love coming here at night knowing I can read something new :)

val said...

I know, Betsy, right? It was the first thing I did tonight after work.

Your kitchen seriously, it looks bad, but it's a ten minute mess.

That's how I define messes, by the time it takes to deal with them, lol.

The plumbing office? Could be an 80 hour mess.

No, no, probably only about six hours.

Could just as well be 80.

I feel bad the pies are a hassle. I have teenagers I could send to get pies. You don't have those yet.

Costco does make some awesome pie though, I agree, and their chicken salad? AMAZING.

love you so, Val

Berbs33 said...

I am very impressed that you have blogged everyday and so happy that you are... it gives me something to read during my morning break at work! And all this talk about pies has really made me hungry, just over 24 hours until the big feast and I can't wait!

Erin said...

I love Parenthood so much, too! And I cry every week without fail. SUCH a good show.

Hate messy kitchens. We always clean up right after dinner even though it cuts into our time with the boys. But we don't want to do it after they're in bed, either! One plays while the other cleans up and then we switch. I hate coming down to the kitchen and realizing I have to wash bottles and pump parts. Blah.

Enjoy those pies and Happy Thanksgiving!

Julia said...

Ugh, kitchen messes after dinner totally stress me out. Seriously. I am like Erin---I hate coming down after bedtimes to see more crap to clean up. The worst!