Sunday, November 18, 2012


We spent today at home, after a really busy and fun couple of days we welcomed the idea of hanging out in our pajamas well into the morning, reading the paper, drinking a pot of coffee, folding laundry, lots of thrilling stuff like that.  Not exactly blog-worthy material happening today.

I haven't resorted to this yet, but tonight, with the kids both in bed (at least for now) I really want to continue with the relaxing.  

So I'm going to let my Instagram feed do the talking, since there were no other pictures taken and I am struggling to find any worthwhile words.  

We did technically leave the house, and spent a lot of the morning in the backyard.

Wow.  I just can't believe how beautiful it was today, in the middle of November, the week before Thanksgiving.  I can feel the effects of the sun and fresh air almost immediately.  The warmth of the sun is rejuvinating, inspiring, it clears my head and helps me be more present with my kids.  We ran around like crazy in the backyard, there was chasing and screaming and laughing.  There were bubbles and slides and fleece jackets full of leaves and grass from the multiple tickle fights.

It was a good morning outside.

Louie LOVED it.  He crawled furiously all over the yard, chasing balls and getting dirty, and when I pushed him around in the little cozy coupe he squealed with delight and vroomed his lips.  I didn't know he did that, so funny.

The little guy really is always in pajamas.  Goodness, it is just so much easier, so much comfier, so much warmer for him to always be in footie pajamas.  No socks or shoes to worry about, no exposed skin to give him the chills.

Or I'm lazy.  That could be it too.

It's definitely a second-born thing.

After two days of Louie refusing to nurse, even at naptime, today was lovely.  We had a long nursing session at both naptimes after which he fell asleep in my arms.  

I didn't want to let him go.  Can you blame me?  Oh my, those cheeks and lips.  He is just so dreamy, and I will treasure and appreciate every single time he lets me nurse him to sleep because they're few and far between these days.  

Well, I guess that happens all the time in the middle of the night, but I am not in the mood to treasure the moment in the middle of the night, especially after the fourth or fifth wake-up.  

No, not even a little bit.  

Then I decided to make a pot of chili and invite my parents and brother and sister-in-law over for dinner.  A day spent at home goes from tolerable to lovely when you get to do some socializing.     

Today was a good day, and tomorrow is Monday.  Bring it.

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Erin said...

Nothing more beautiful than a baby sleeping in your arms.