Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

I can't write today and not talk about it.  That's not to say I really want to either, it's been a really long, sometimes disheartening election year, and like many, I'm pretty burnt out on it.

But that doesn't mean my heart wasn't pounding in my chest at 7:00 am this morning as I walked through the drizzly rain down the sidewalk and into my polling place.  There's really no doubt about it, today it feels good to be a part of the system, to cast my vote, to have my say.

For the twenty minutes I was at the polling place I felt camaraderie with my neighbors, there was a calm, quiet, yet buzzing excitement as we all waited patiently to cast our votes.  It felt like we were all in this together.  I was proud.

And then later I went on Facebook.  Ugh.  No, we are decidedly NOT all in this together.  It'll be difficult to forget some of the things that have been "said" over the past few months, but especially over the last week or so.

There's a difference between disagreeing with someone on the best way to grow our economy and spewing offensive and broad stereotypes about the intelligence level of anyone who votes a certain way.

Just, lots of gross out there.  Sometimes I'm good about ignoring all of that "noise", and sometimes I let it get to me.

This year there's even more at stake, with the proposed amendment to our state constitution that would define marriage between one man and one woman.  That this is even on the ballot makes me sad.  And ANGRY.  Since when are we, as citizens of a free country, in the business of writing discrimination and hatred in to our constitution?  I just don't get it.    

One of my favorite things I witnessed this morning at the polling place was an election judge, an older woman, reading the ballot to a young blind man, assisting him in voting.

She read the Amendment verbiage and then said, "Do you want me to explain what that means?  What the Amendment would do is..." and he stopped her.

"No.  I know what it means.  And I vote No."

I don't know why, it was just the one guy, but it made me so happy.  As I was there to cast my own "No" vote, I guess I wanted to picture everyone around me voting the same way.

Still waiting, still hoping, watching all the election coverage with knots in my stomach.

And tomorrow is tomorrow, no matter what.

They just called Ohio.  Holy crap.  YES!

Oh my god.  Not just Ohio. Obama has been reelected.  YES!


Signing off.  A celebratory glass of wine is in order.


Berbs33 said...

I am glad the election is over, just draws a line between too many people and now today those people need to start working together for the good of this country! I hate to say it but I am not crushed or excited about how the election ended up... cause things are going to continue the way they have the past 25 years with prices of everything increasing and middle class just doing what they can to get by (and that doens't change no matter who takes office). I hope that Obama can do many good things while he is in office and I stand behind him as he is the President of this amazing country. Now enough said about that... one to the amendment. I was blowing fire out my ears last night about the number of people who voted YES. How do they feel so priviledged that they think they can enforce such an amendment that would affect so many lives and why? Ugg, this has been something that has made me angry for the past few months and I am so glad that it is over and the amendment is a thing of the past (for now)! I am also excited to tell Colton who won the election, he voted for Obama so he will be one happy this little camper this morning and I am happy to tell him that because of the right to vote he and everyone else in MN didn't lose any other rights last night and that I am very proud of! Okay, enough about politics - on to a new day (which is no different than any other day recently except that that stupid ads wont be on my tv or radio anymore)!

Erin said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo x100 glad this is OVER!! I wasn't teary at all when voting, but just reading my facebook feed this morning made me almost cry (and yes I live in a very liberal Democrat facebook bubble for the most part) because everyone was just so HAPPY! Finally! Mostly about the marriage amendment. I'm pretty moderate politically, but socially VERY liberal and I too was just pissed that this amendment was even up for a vote. SO SO SO glad it didn't pass. Proud to be a Minnesotan today!

Lisa said...

Ugh, I'm sick of all the election commentary on Facebook and so glad this is over. I agree 100% that there's a huge difference between disagreeing on how to help our country to reach its potential and verbally attacking parties and/or voters with offensive and often uneducated BS. We each have a right to our own opinions, peeps, and there's a way to be respectful of that.

That is such a sweet story about the blind man. I too find it unfathomable that people could vote Yes...makes me sick. What a relief that there are enough people that realized how wrong it was.

I look forward to going back to regular TV programming and not recycling just about every piece of my mail. :)

P.S. I'm enjoying your daily blogs!

Sarah said...

I love this post and today, I am SO proud to be a Minnesotan!

Betsy said...

Super, SUPER happy about how things turned out in Minnesota! Very exciting!!! I just can't fathom how anyone could vote yes. Obviously the election didn't go the way I wanted it to, but hope nothing but the best for the next 4 years. I mean, really, no one wants the president to fail. Hopefully my fellow conservatives remember that too. I know a lot of pissed off people this morning, but what's done is done.

I love your daily blogging, buddy! I read everything but I'm a lazy commenter.

KA said...

Loved your post and I agree completely. I am very proud of Minnesota!!

Freckles said...

I got happy chills with your story about the blind man voting NO! I am SO happy that the amendment didn't pass!!! So, so, so happy!!!! I just couldn't believe how many people voted yes. It makes me really sad to think that nearly half of the people who voted in MN think they have the right to tell others who they can/can't marry. Seriously. Makes me sick to my stomach. Anyways, so glad its over, and so glad MN came through in the end :) Hopefully as the years go on, more and more people will grow to love and accept everyone!